Friday, October 30, 2009

A Goodbye Present

Here is a set of counters I made for Key Buildings Strategems in Cities of Death. From top right reading left, I made counters for the Ammo Store, Command Centre, Fuel Dump, and the Medicae Facility. On the bottom row, I made counters for Power Generator, Sacred Ground, and Observation Point. Print these out and glue them onto pennies or washers to make a quick way to remember what-building-does-what next time you are Cityfighting.

During my self-imposed "vacation" (read: my internet is getting turned off for a few days, possibly weeks) I intend to make up counters for darn near every stratagem that may require one. (Booby traps comes to mind, but I may have to just buck up and model those.)

I hope you enjoy these! I encourage you to get into Cityfights and Planetstrike games, as they will make for interesting and memorable games!

Until next time (for real this time, I swear!),

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Ok, maybe not that extreme as pictured above, but I am moving to a new house over the weekend. My phone lines are going to be disconnected tomorrow to transfer to the new house by Monday, but it may yet be a week or two before I get the internet back up and working. Don't worry, I'll be sure to give you the tour when we are all settled in! After 150 posts, I am impressed that this blog has survived this long. Sometimes it withered a little, but with a little attention it has always sprang back. Thanks to my loyal readers for sticking by me all this time! I should be returning within a week or two, hopefully with a whole bunch of stuff done to show off!

Until next time (whenever that may be),
--FP135 /signing off
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Much More Ado About Guardsmen

Simple conversions and wrap-ups for today: Got the last wash on the Griffon I converted from a SM Rhino, and I lengthened the barrel on the LRBT to allow it to double as a Vanquisher if need be.

I've written up a list that is tailor-built to wreck my SM-playing buddy's day. Here's what I got:

Camo Cloaks, 4x Sniper Rifles

Veteran Squad 1-
3 Meltaguns, Autocannon team, Demolitions, Chimera w/ Dozerblade, Pintile Stubber

Veteran Squad 2-
2 Plasmaguns, Autocannon team, Demolitions, Chimera w/ Dozerblade, Pintile Stubber

Veteran Squad 3-
3 Grenade Launchers, Autocannon team, Demolitions, Chimera w/ Dozerblade, Pintile Stubber, Hull Heavy Flamer


Stormtrooper Squad-
1 Plasmagun

Fast Attack
Armored Sentinel-
Lascannon, HK Missile

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Demolisher-
Lascannon Multi-melta Sponsons Dozer Blade

Leman Russ Vanquisher-
Lascannon, Dozer Blade, Heavy Bolters, Pintile Stubber,

Griffon Heavy Mortar-
Enclosed Crew

Total: 1500

Killpoint Total: 13

I hope he is surprised at this list over the last one I fielded. Its pretty unconventional for me, so we'll see how he reacts next time we get a game in.

I don't exactly know when that will be though. My wife and I bought a new house, and the paperwork finally closed on it today. We move into it Friday, to avoid paying another month's rent at this apartment where we currently reside. Hopefully when the dust settles, my buddy and I will be able to have a bit more breathing room to play some 40k.

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Talk Tactics: More Cityfighting

I've been having regular games with a player new to the hobby of 40k: My friend of 10+ years and now my newly-promoted manager at work. I got him into playing 40k recently when I gave him a 1500 point Space marine force to call his own (yes it was very generous, but I knew that is the only way I would get him hooked). Now, at least one night a week, we try to get together to have a game. We almost always play Cityfights because it purposefully unbalances the game. If we played the same 3 scenarios out of the standard rulebook, our games would stagnate quickly. To get to the point, my friend has brought a fresh pair of eyes to the cityfighting aspect, and has taught me a few things about successfully navigating the ruins.

The method is there for a reason-
It may seem ridiculous to follow all the rules for deploying a unit at a time, rolls for who chooses stratagems first, and so on. Soon, however, you will find that there a great deal of importance in following those mundane rituals. It is all about either anticipation, if you go first; or reaction, if you are going last. My friend is good at holding his cards close to his chest. I was not exactly thrilled, when declaring the last stratagem, that he declared he was taking Tank Traps. For that game, I was taking a heavily mechanized IG army, so Tank Traps really threw a wrench into my strategy I had been forming. Since he knew we were playing a High Ground mission, he cordoned off the streets leading to the objective building with tank traps so I would be forced to disembark. He was playing footslogging SM, so he had no trouble beating back any attempts on the building that were made by my IG on foot, allowing his squads to secure the building for 5 turns. I only barely forced a draw by bombarding the units into oblivion in the last turn.
If I had been able to react to what he was taking, I might have put a thorn in his side by putting razorwire or other infantry-inhibiting barriers on his side of the board, to counter his limiting of my mobility. Or I could have chosen something like Preliminary Bombardment, which might have either damaged/pinned enough units that I could have secured a foothold before he did.
When deploying, it is imperative to place your units carefully within your quarter. Since your Troops choices deploy first, they are the least able to account for other units you have to deploy. Most of his units that could seriously hurt my transports were in the Elite, Heavy Weapon, or Fast Attack slots. This allowed him to see where my troops were going to be deployed before he chose where to deploy his more specialized units. Luckily, the reverse is the same for me: I was able to see where the bulk of his troops were going to be and I was able to deploy my tank in a position where he could drop some serious hurt on them.
It's a balancing factor (one of few in CoD) to follow the pre-game method. Use your head, and try to force your opponent to go first when possible, so you can better react.

FTW Collaborative Post Contribution: Must-Have Units

Ron has asked us all to come up with some of our "Must-have" units, no matter the reason for it being a "Must-have". Since I play three different armies, I came up with one for each army.

What drew me to tyranids was the Carnifex. The idea of a creature the size of a large tank hurtling through lines of space marines was just too good to pass up. Add to that imagery the Carnifex's ability to crush tanks in CC, and I could see no other alternative. I guess it's "Nidzilla" for me!

In a Imperial Guard army, one of your greatest strengths is the number and flexibility of your troop choices. Yes, tanks are cool, and yes, they may win you the day in a killpoints game, but in the other 2/3rds of the missions you play, you will find the abundance of scoring units beneficial. I never meet much success in games where I field less than 3 Veteran squads in their Chimeras. You can sink plenty of points into them, but I like to keep the whole squad with its transport around 170 points. That is enough for 1 doctrine, a few special weapons, and a couple upgrades to the transport. Generally you'll see one of my veteran squads look like this:

1 Meltagun
1 Plasmagun
1 Grenade Launcher
Doctrine: Demolitions
Chimera with Dozerblade and pintile mounted Heavy Stubber

They work pretty well, having a meltagun for dealing with armor, a plasmagun for dealing with high T baddies or even light vehicles, and the GL for throwing a blast template at hordes or cracking a tough nut if necessary. The Demolitions doctrine has saved my butt more than once. I usually have to get pretty close to some hard vehicles to use the meltagun, so if the transport goes down at that close it usually puts them in range to assault with their meltabombs or even the demo charge in a pinch. I definitely get my points worth out of Veteran squads that are kitted this way.

Lastly, for my Blood Angels, I must simply ALWAYS take a chaplain of some fashion. Some of the special characters serve the same purpose of reigning in the Death Company marines, but I don't have any of those SCs. Therefore, I find a way to stick my plain ol' chappy in every BA list I write. I don't like the idea of my hard-as-nails Death Company marines chasing around an empty rhino.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Much Ado about Imperial Guardsman

Today I had the day off, so the entire morning I spent getting some paint to plastic on my box of unfinished Guardsman. I might have a game with them in the afternoon.

I drybrushed and painted some 11 heavy weapon bases, including 3 lascannons, 3 autocannons, 3 mortar bases, and 2 missile launcher bases. For those of you that remember my post on getting the most out of your heavy weapon sprues () you will notice that I used the same technique for all the heavy weapons except the mortars. I still have more to construct, such as the heavy bolters and another missile launcher (all required more tripods and bipods that I hadn't acquired until just recently).

Well, now I'm off to make an army list for this afternoon's game against some vanilla Marines.

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carnifex Update: 10/21

I finished painting my carnifex today. Just need to finish the base and give it a clear-coat.

I hope all the genestealers look as good as this turned out! I am quite pleased with the result.

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tyranid Project Update: 10/20

Getting some work done on the Tyranids, finally. I've been painting this Carnifex tonight, in hopes that by tomorrow I might have him completed. Work has picked up for me a lot at the moment (the holidays are hard on portrait photographers) but I hope to start getting some games in when my work schedule stabilizes.

Same method of operation for this as my Hormagaunts. I start by primering black, then highlight the carapace with Scab Red, and following that with Bleached Bone for the majority of the fleshy bits and exoskeleton. It is worth noting that I used a 50/50 mix of Blood Red and Sunburst Yellow for the adrenal gland bunch on its dorsal carapace, followed by a Sunburst Yellow drybrush. After the Flesh Wash it will really look interesting. I still have another layer to go on the bleached bone, but this is where I am stopping for tonight. Tomorrow, I plan to finish the highlighting with a bit of Blood Red, finish the Bleached Bone, and finally douse the model in an Ogryn Flesh wash, which really adds to the macabre grimdark feel I want for my army.

I hope I am not too tuckered out from work tomorrow, I wanna see this thing done!

Until next time,

Old Codex 'Nid Tactica Pt. 1: Hive Tyrant

Old Codex 'Nid Tactica

I've been getting in a fair number of games with my new Tyranid force lately, and I thought it might be of some benefit to jog down my thoughts on how the force currently plays before the new codex comes out. That way, we can directly compare the two later.

Let's start with a unit summary and my thoughts on using them:


Hive Tyrant
The Hive Tyrant is a useful addition to armies that utilize a high number of Monstrous Creatures to function effectively. He is a worthy combatant as it is, but you can tailor his Biomorphs to fulfill a certain role. I suggest picking a role and sticking with it, as general-purpose models tend to be A) more expensive and B) less effective at either given role than a purpose-built unit.

The Hive Tyrant is different from most Tyranids in that it has a decent Ballistic Skill, but also has access to the Enhanced Senses Biomorph, making him quite effective with ranged weaponry. The Tyrant also has a fairly decent Strength statistic, making him a good candidate for weaponry such as the Venom Cannon that boost the strength of the attack to the max. Taking weapons to complement the Venom Cannon, such as twin-linked Devourers, will ensure that you're Tyrant fills the gap in ranged weaponry that most Tyranid armies suffer from. With the Living Ammunition special rule, it should be able to make short work out of most infantry.

You can alternatively make your Tyrant a worthy assault combatant. Boosting his stats with Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs are a good start. Extra stat boosts like Extended Carapace are optional, but promote the survivability of the Tyrant. A popular Biomorph to add is a pair of Wings, allowing the Tyrant to close across the battlefield rapidly. This variant of Hive Tyrant is sometimes referred to as a "Flyrant". The additional mobility is especially useful to assault-oriented Tyrants, but at the cost of being unable to add the Extended Carapace biomorph.

Choosing weapons for the assault-oriented Tyrant isn't a difficult choice. You can opt for a combination of the following weapons: Scything Talons, Rending Claws, or a Lashwhip & Bonesword. Scything Talons should be your first choice. They add an extra attack in CC, and is the only way you ever will get extra attacks in CC. Rending Claws are useful on regular troops, but a bit redundant on Monstrous Creatures. Since MCs negate armor saves, and roll 2D6 for armor penetration, there isn't much use for the rending ability. The Lashwhip and Bonesword combo offers an interesting mix of assault buffs for your troops and negative attack modifiers for your enemies. The Bonesword makes the Tyrant permanently under the effects of the Catalyst psychic power, which allows the Tyrant to strike back in close combat even if killed before his turn in the initiative order. The Lashwhip is not like the Lash power for Chaos (unfortunately) but instead cuts the attacks of models in base contact with the Tyrant by 1, to a minimum of one. Both of these powers are primarily defensive, but useful when using the Tyrant to counter expensive CC-efficient Special Characters.

And finally, the Hive Tyrant has access to a few of the Tyranid psychic powers. Many of these are intuitive, and don't require psychic tests, and therefore cannot be stopped by wargear such as Psychic Hoods. This is a significant advantage.

He comes with the Synapse Creature power, which makes him and Broods within 12" of him immune to the Instant Death rule, and makes them Fearless. He also comes with the power, The Horror, which forces models that wish to assault him roll a morale test. If they fail, they cannot assault the Tyrant that turn.

Some of the powers the Tyrant has access to include Catalyst- which was described in the Bonesword description above but can apply to any brood within 24" of the Tyrant, and Psychic Scream- which provides a -1 modifier to all enemy Leadership tests for units within 18". It is notable to add that if multiple creatures have this power and are in range to the same unit being affected, the modifier is cumulative. Further powers include A Shadow in the Warp- which forces enemy psychic tests to be made on 3D6 and discount the lowest roll and nullifies all results of Perils of the Warp, Warp Blast- which is one of the few powers that may require a psychic test. It comes in two variances: focused and unfocused. The focused blast is much more powerful, and capable of destroying vehicles, but it is shorter ranged, has to make a psychic test, and also cannot be performed by a creature with the Enhanced Senses biomorph. Finally, there is the power Warp Field, which grants a +2 armor save and a 6 Invulnerable save to the bearer of the power. This sounds like a perfect way to boost the survivability of a "Flyrant", which cannot take the Extended Carapace biomorph.

In summary, remember to choose a role for your Tyrant, and equip him accordingly to that role. I suggest filling the gap as a "shooty" unit, due to his higher-than-average Ballistic skill.

In the next article, we will review the Broodlord. So until next time,

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nid Update: 10/16

I got my reinforcements in the mail yesterday, and set about constructing them as I planned for in my army list. First up is the Warrior Brood, which I equipped with the Following:
Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands (WS), Extended Carapace, and Flesh Hooks

I also added the following weaponry to the Brood:
Scything Talons and Deathspitters.

Bringing the total for the Brood up to:
102 Points

For the Carnifexes (Heavy Support), I wanted emphasis in assault. So I equipped them to be absolute bruisers, with the following upgrades:
Adrenal Glands (Both I and WS), Bio Plasma (for the extra attack), Bonded Exoskeleton, Extended Carapace, Reinforced Chitin, Spine Banks, Mace Tail, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, and Flesh Hooks

The defensive stat-boosters like Bonded Exoskeleton and Reinforced Chitin will give my Carnifexes unrivaled survivability, so that they can make it across the table and into enemy lines. The offensive stat-boosters will ensure that whatever these monsters hit will stay down, as well as helping to get the first-strike over powerfists and the like (I intend on killing lots of terminators with these beasts). Abilities like the Bio-Plasma and Mace-tail ensure that the creature will not be overwhelmed by hordes if at all possible. The Bio-plasma also adds the benefit of giving a carnifex with the adrenal gland boost an extra attack at I4, which will further benefit terminator-killing.

For weapons, I equipped my monsters with:
Scything Talons and Barbed Stranglers
I chose talons over crushing claws for 2 reasons- cost and reliability. Crushing claws only more effective than talons about 50% of the time, and they even have a 33% chance of giving you LESS attacks than the talons do. I'm not about that kind of randomness. Therefore, the Talons made the obvious choice for the CC weapon.

For the ranged weapon, I chose the Barb for 2 reasons as well: It utilizes the strength of the Carnifex without needing to upgrade the BS, and it is cheaper than other similar options. How it utilizes the strength of the Fex without needing the BS upgrade is that it is a Large Blast weapon. Since my intended target for the weapon is infantry or light tanks, it is as likely to hit as any other blast weapon if not more so due to its size. The only other weapon that makes good use of the Fex's strength is a Venom cannon, which is not blast. The Venom Cannon additionally can only ever cause glancing hits to vehicles that are not open topped, so that one was right out. If I am going to take the time to shoot at a vehicle, I want to have the chance of destroying it.

So, that is the breakdown of why I chose the biomorphs and weapons like I did. My logic might be flawed or misinformed, but unlike most of my modelling projects, I actually tried to use gameplay as an influencing factor this time. Now I just need to get them painted.

So until next time,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playtesters Needed: Mission 13 for Space Hulk

"We had thought that we had cleansed the Sin of Damnation with the Emperor's light, but we couldn't have been more wrong. Even I didn't see that one coming."
- Lexicanium Calistarius after the "Lucky Lady Massacare"

The Space Marines of the Blood Angel's 1st Company were counting themselves lucky to be alive as they were picked up from the vacuum of space by the Light Cruiser "Lucky Lady was compromised. The Cargo Bay control sensorium was detecting multiple breaches in the cargo bay doors as Genestealers were able to somehow gain use of boarding torpedoes stolen from one of the many derelict vessels that comprised the Sin of Damnation.

To Calistarius, it was chilling to see just how intelligent the collective Brood could be. He gathered up surviving members of the 1st Company that had been rescued from space, and proceeded to the Cargo area to attempt to purge the xenos intrusion. Through his prescience, he was delivered a terrifying vision: Genestealers had already infested the engineering sector and killed all crew and servitors in the region, and as a result the light cruiser was losing power. Furthermore, a detachment of Genestealers led by the surviving BroodLord itself were attempting to reach the cargo sector's control room, to open all the airlocks for reasons unknown. This vision was dismaying news. Calistarius decided that if the cruiser's air locks were opened, the crew of the Lucky Lady would sustain too many casualties to operate. He and his collected Marines made utmost haste for the cargo sector...

Hey guys, just been playing around with some tools for making new scenarios for Space Hulk. This is the first one I have attempted to create. I plan on play-testing this with my wife in the near future, let me know if you like it. I also am taking suggestions on writing the fluff, since that is not my best skill.

For this scenario, I wanted to take a little bit of the mission objective's focus off of the Space Marines. This way, it would be more fun no matter which side you play in this scenario. Let me know what you think about it.

Just click the picture above for a full-size view, and enjoy!

Until next time,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hive Fleet Gargantuan

I got my first test model for my Tyranid color scheme (Hive Fleet Gargantuan) about %80 done today, just lacking some minor details. I think that I achieved a suitably macabre look, and I am pleased with the overall result (despite it not coming out quite like I planned).

For those interested, on this Hormagaunt I used Bleached Bone for the body, highlighted the black carapace with Scab Red, and used Ogryn Flesh Wash for the body as well. I finished the talons and eyes with Blood Red.

My weekend is over now, so we'll have to see how much I can get done the next few days. I would like to have all my 'Nids painted by Saturday, but with work that may be a bit hard to do.

Well, with that said-
Until next time,

Playing "Spulk" - First Impressions

Playing Space hulk is definitely a learning curve, for those of us who have never played any of the original versions of the game. My wife and I have decided that it fit our time restraints well, on the plus side, with most of the games being played in an hour or less. It also had simpler rules than 40k. That is a big draw for my wife, who likes more traditional board games with simpler rule-sets.

Getting the rules right really is crucial for the games to be more balanced. We must have played the first mission 6 or 7 times because we kept getting rules mixed up. For instance, it can lend a considerable advantage to the Genestealer player if you play it so that the blips do not have to remain out of Space Marine LOS to move, giving them a movement with a voluntary reveal. That is a good idea for a special rule when creating your own scenarios if you want the Tyranid player to have the advantage.

The maps can take a lot of space, but no more than a regular 40k game. Unfortunately for me, I only have a 4x4 table (hence my infatuation with cityfight rules). This means that some of the maps can really push the limits of my playing surface. Make sure you have a pretty decent-sized table to use.

Don't rules lawyer. The game was designed for fun, not tournament settings (hmm... much like 40k now that I think about it). Don't play this game with somebody that is overly competitive, because that can detract from the experience of the game. This is the perfect Saturday Game Night system for you and a buddy. If a situation arises that is not covered in the rules, use the 40k solution: roll off for it.

So far, my wife and I are enjoying our Space Hulk games almost nightly. They are short enough to play nearly every night, and customizable enough that I foresee a lot of replay ability. Currently, if you google it, there is a program created by a fan that uses the board sections from the game to let you drag and drop them to create a picture of a map, allowing you to publish your own scenarios. I would download it quick though, before the ol' gee-dub drops the "cease and desist" order on him.

Get it HERE

Well, that's it on Space Hulk for now. Next post, I have the test model for the new Tyranid 40k army I have in the works. It is a little different than the concept picture was, but I think it's in a good way.

So until next time,

The start of a Tyranid vanguard...

When used in conjunction with a box of termagaunts and hormagaunts, the genestealer contents of my newly-acquired Space Hulk set are fixing to be the first 1000 points of my Tyranid army. I plan on picking up a triplet of Carnifexes to complete the last 500 points.

As you can see in the picture above, I have spent the last hour or two trimming genestealer bases to fit onto standard 40k bases. The Broodlord is one mean-looking SOB, towering over all the other models I currently own. Its dorsal carapace flanges come darn-near level with the top hatch of my Leman Russ. Of course, that is because it is perched on a macabre pile of skulls, but it is still intimidating.

Below is the scheme my wife helped me pick for this Hive Fleet, which I am naming Hive Fleet Gargantuan:

A big thanks to for putting up this awesome beta of a Tyranid painter! check it out at

In the next post, I'll go over my impressions of actually playing the game of Space Hulk.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Space Hulk is here!

Due to a stroke of luck, I was able to net myself a box early. Good thing too, since the local shop only had one more box and I am sure that would have disappeared by next week, when I was planning to purchase it. Barely able to curb my enthusiasm, I dove in.

This box was heavy! I handed it to my wife, and we debated whether it was heavier than our daughter was when she was born. I thought it might be about the same as she weighed now, but not as heavy as she was when she was born (9 lbs 6 oz). We put it on the scale, and it came out to weigh 8 pounds and 8 ounces! Wow! I'm not sure what 3.6 kg converts to on the scale, but it is entirely possible some settling may have occurred. I popped it open and took a snap of the sprues before I went crazy assembling.

Here's the results of the first bout of assembling... just look at all those terminators! Those alone are worth the value of the box set. I especially love the Librarian.

And finally, the Genestealers that will double as the basis of my Tyranid army. From pictures I saw on the net, I was worried that I would have trouble distinguishing the Broodlord from the regular 'stealers, but in person there is no trouble. He is considerably larger than the rest, and has a pretty menacing pose.

Well, the Mrs. and I plan to try out our first game tonight, I'll post results for all to see afterward.

'Nids coming in January

That gives me around 3 months or less to try and collect up a decent basic force of Tyranids. I have a box set of Space hulk waiting for me to buy at the local game store, which will provide the basic HQ and 2 Troops options. After purchasing that, I plan to buy the models that I absolutely love in the tyranid line: Carnifexes. How am I going to come up with the money to afford these extravagant new purchases, you might ask? Well yesterday I started a new job as a portrait photographer in a studio. Pretty neat. Also, Alaskans are privy to a little spending money each year called the Permanent Fund Dividend. Basically all people in Alaska that have been a resident for a year or more can get one, and they pay out every October. It usually comes out to be a grand or so, and it is intended to offset the costs of living up here, which is slightly higher than New Jersey.

I have the last ed. Codex for the Tyranids, but I am wondering what new changes the new one might bring. I want to make a list similar to the following for my first list, and I will add units / drop upgrades as I buy more models:


Brood Lord-
Implant Attack, Extended Carapace, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs

Retinue of 5 Genestealers-
Implant Attack, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Sything Talons, Flesh Hooks


Warrior Brood-
Adrenal Glands (I), Adrenal Glands (WS), Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Leaping, Bio Plasma, Sything Talons, Devourers



Genestealer Brood of 9
Implant Attack, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Sything Talons, Scuttlers, Flesh Hooks


Genestealer Brood of 8
Implant Attack, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Sything Talons, Scuttlers, Flesh Hooks


Heavy Support

Sything Talons, Lash Whip, Tail Weapon – Sythe, Acid Maw, Adrenal Glands (I), Adrenal Glands (WS), Bio Plasma, Bonded Exoskeleton, Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Implant Attack, Regenerate, Reinforced Chitin, Toxic Miasma, Toxin Sacs,


Sything Talons, Lash Whip, Tail Weapon – Sythe, Acid Maw, Adrenal Glands (I), Adrenal Glands (WS), Bio Plasma, Bonded Exoskeleton, Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Implant Attack, Regenerate, Reinforced Chitin, Toxic Miasma, Toxin Sacs,


Total: 1495

So what do you think the new codex will change about my list? All you 'nid players out there, the floor is yours.


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