Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Editorial: Generation Critical

As I get older, it seems like negativity lurks around every corner, and seeps into everything in life. Lately, I feel that this is especially true in any place of public communication. People these days just genuinely cannot seem to keep their thoughts and comments positive. It has a way of getting in your head, and making you the same way. If you don't quite understand what I am talking about, take a gander at the following public forums:

Yahoo News comment pages
the Blizzard Forums

Pretty much wherever people can make their voices heard, they feel the need to voice their negativity and dissatisfaction. What was originally created to share ideas and information in a positive light, has now become a soapbox for every self-proclaimed martyr or dissident.

How can we expect our children to remain positive, and to solve their problems like mature adults, when our own generation result to this passive-aggressive behavior?

The irony is not lost upon me that here I am, writing my own dissatisfied rant. Maybe it is just how we are now? How do we change it? How can we get past our own dissatisfaction and ego-centrism?

I think the best way to keep myself from falling into the trap will be to remove myself from the company of those who are seeking something to complain about.

Dakka, I'm looking at you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When to move on

Sometimes you start a project and it doesn't turn out how you expected. Sometimes it just takes too much time, or you feel like you aren't grasping the concepts.

This is the first time I truly felt defeated by a project.

I don't feel badly about it, it is an advanced technique. Source-lighting is not for the beginning painter. However, I feel that I must return to the basics before I will attempt to master this technique again.

Here is the result of my frustration:

A miniature I had spent a lot of time working on to enter into a contest.

Sometimes you have to chalk it up to a learning experience, and move on. I had spent 12 hours total painting this guy, and didn't have the heart to do it over.

So how long is too long? When do you chalk it up to a learning experience, and either re-do it or move on?

I don't feel like I wasted time, as I learned a lot about source lighting techniques. I do feel like this miniature will need work before it is complete, though.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My First Batrep of 6th- DV Chaos vs. DA

 I finally got my first game of 6th edition in. Armed with my new mini-rulebook and the Dark Vengeance miniatures (mostly just primed black, I apologize that I haven't taken the time to paint them yet!), we decided to jump in feet-first!


We took the suggestion of the Dark Vengeance quickstart guide, and used the contents of the box set with added-in units of equivalent value. Dark Angels took a combat squad with a plasmagun and added a meltagun and meltabombs to the bike squad, whereas Chaos took a Bastion fortification with a Lascannon upgrade.

1000 Point Loyalist Dark Angels list (played by myself)
Librarian in PA with plasma pistol (Rolled Crush and Assail as powers)
Interrogator Chaplain with Plasma pistol
Deathwing Terminators with Assault Cannon
1 Full Tactical Squad with 1 Plasmagunner, Plasmacannon, Sgt. With Plasma Pistol
1 Combat Squad with 1 Plasmagunner , Sgt. With Plasma Pistol
Bike Squad with plasmagunner , Meltagunner, Sgt has Chainsword

1000 Point Chaos Black Legion list (played by my opponent, my wife! I had to watch Xanidu to bribe her into playing)
Chaos Lord with Powersword and Plasma Pistol
Chaos Chosen with 1 Power fist, 1 Power Axe, 1 pair of Lightning Claws, and Power Maul
Hellbrute with Multi-melta
Cultist Sect with Autoguns and Heavy Stubber, leader has Power Sword and Shotgun
Cultist Sect with Autopistols + CCWs and Flamer, leader has Power Axe
Chaos Bastion with Icarus Lascannon upgrade

Mission Type: The Scouring
Deployment: Dawn of War

Dark Angels got the roll to pick deployment. I won the roll to pick, so I deployed second.

Chaos Deployment
 Chaos deployed the autogun cultists on the roof. (We thought for some reason that they would be close enough to claim the objective from up there. Midway through the first turn we realized our mistake)
Dark Angels Deployment
 Dark Angels went for a Divide-and-Conquer strategy, splitting up into combat squads. Deathwing and Ravenwing squads were held in reserve.

Chaos Fails to seize the initiative. Night rules take effect, meaning the battle will begin at dawn...

Before the battle

Below are some shots of the objectives and their locations:

The objective closest to my Plasma-cannon tactical squad was pretty high value, so I decided it would be best to camp that squad on the objective for the duration of the game.

Wishing for a tent, because they're camping!
 My Deathwatch-painted combat squad moved up into the runs of the Chemical Processing plant, taking up position near the low-value objective.

"It's not a punch bowl. Don't drink it."
 Since night fighting rules were in effect, I just ran with all my squads and forwent my shooting. So the Dark Angels first turn was complete.

During Chaos' first turn, we came to the realization that the battlements were too far away for the cultists to claim that objective. Therefore, the cultists had to abandon the battlements. They opted for running down the stairs inside, rather than risking death by leaping over the sides.

Rushing forward en masse, I thought my Deathwatch squad would be doomed as the chaos assault units rushed forward.
There wasn't much else to do in the shooting phase, as Night fighting rules were still in effect, so she opted to run with her squads to cover some ground before the dawn broke. Thus ended the first turn!

With the night fighting rules ending, I was hoping to get in some reserves. None arrived this turn, however, so I had to make do with what I had. I moved my squads around, charging my middle-most tactical squad towards the high-value objective in the center (the 4 VP objective). The Chosen were dangerously close to the chemical plant though, so I decided to take advantage of the new Rapid Fire rules and get some long-range shots off with my Deathwatch-style tactical squad.

I moved them up to the fence, sighted in... and watched my plasmagunner promptly explode. Melting into a puddle of ceramite goo seemed to inspire his squadmates, strangely, who killed Draznicht and one of his chosen with their bolters. Seeing their fellow chosen slain imbued the survivors with rage as they rolled an "Insane Heroism" result for their leadership test.

My Plasma Cannon didn't explode, thankfully, as he loosed a template off at the Hellbrute. Due to the new blast rules, I found the plasma cannon to easily hit the Hellbrute at it's full strength. Poor rolling negated this luck, however, so I failed to damage it. The other combat squad was out of range of grenades, so I had to rely on the unit's plasmagun to shoot at the Hellbrute, but that too failed to inflict damage. That ended my turn.

During the chaos turn, the Hellbrute charged onto the 4 VP objective to deny it from me. The cultists were able to exit the building, and the Lord embarked into it to man the guns. The chosen break off from the Chemical plant and go to add their strength to the fight for the 4 VP objective.

In the shooting phase, the Hellbrute whiffs on his Multi-melta shot. Perhaps he was just so very angry that he forgot to point it at somebody. The Lord has more luck in the tower, killing a marine caught in the open with the Bastion's Heavy Bolter. Still outside of any type of assault range, Chaos ended the 2nd turn at that point.

Both my reserve rolls were lucky, and both my Deathwing and Ravenwing arrived. My deepstrike scattered, stopping just short of the ledge, luckily for me. Not a bad position!
Here to save the day!

The Ravenwing rolled lucky on the table edge for their Outflank, getting the edge to my left. I didn't hesitate in charging them across the open ground at the Hellbrute.
Men on a mission
During the shooting phase, I decided to try out the new Psychic powers. I decided to try and use Crush on the Hellbrute. Everything rolled pretty smoothly, but I failed to penetrate it's armor. A plasmagun was more successful, knocking off a Hull Point with a glancing hit.

The Hellbrute took an ungodly amount of fire, soaking up 1 melta shot, 2 rapid fire plasma shots, and 2 plasma pistol shots without sustaining any damage. Even the plasma cannon fails to penetrate. Meanwhile, the Terminators take advantage of their position and rain death upon the hapless Cultist sect below. The cultists grabbed some dirt by going to ground, but it did not save them from taking horrific casualties. In all, 7 of them were turned to bloody grease stains. The survivors boldly stood their ground, though, and refused to run.

When the assault turn came about, I was thoroughly sick of the Hellbrute denying my squads from their objective. So I charged it with my bikes, and planted a Meltabomb charge on it with my sergeant. Watching it explode with a result of 7 on the Vehicle Damage Table was -so- worth it. This also netted me the First Blood victory point.

After Consolidation

As the Chaos turn rolled around, my wife wasn't too happy to lose her favorite model, so she decided to exact vengeance upon the bike squad. Shooting with bolt pistols, the chosen rushed forward. One of these shots lands home, killing the meltagun biker. The Cultist fired a few autopistols that were in range, but failed to inflict any damage. The Chaos Lord continued his valiant defense of the rear, loosing more heavy bolter rounds on the bike squad, killing the plasmagunner. The lone sergeant stands his ground with a passed leadership check.

(Deebo Voice) "IT'S MY BIKE, PUNK!"
The Chosen charge, but one is cut down en route by overwatch fire from the lone biker. Upon entering combat, the lightning-claw-wielding fanatic shreds the sergeant as the luckless Dark Angel whiffs on his rolls. This scores 1 VP for Chaos, and they consolidate before ending the turn. The Cultists regain their feet.

 TURN 4:
I make minor movements and launch into my firing. A torrent of bolter rounds eliminates the chosen with Lightning claws. I try using Crush again with my librarian, but it fails to hit. A separate combat squad unleashes its wrath upon the chosen, taking down the traitor with a power axe. The Deathwing Terminators on the clifftop continue their punishment of the Cultists, killing off the squad. A long-range plasma cannon shot lands right in the middle of the second cultist squad, killing 4. After sustaining such losses, the cultists decide that discretion might be the better part of valor, and make a tactical advance to the rear. The crazed lone chosen that remains passes his leadership, ready to fight on, but with no scoring troops left on the table (and few units that could contest) Chaos decides to concede the game.

"I don't know why you come down here messing with these people!"

Victory Point Tally-
DA) 8 VPs from Objectives, 1 Linebreaker VP, 1 First Blood VP
CSM) 1 VP from killing a Fast Attack unit.


6th Ed. Rules- Upon writing the report, I realized we didn't roll for Warlord traits. Aside from that, however, we stuck to the new rules pretty close (remembering to do overwatch, roll for assault range, etc.).  I have heard many complaints that assaults take longer, but I don't really see it yet. Sure, resolving overwatch first adds some time to it, but I think it is fairly balanced. Snap shots are pretty hard to hit with anyway. This could just be our extremely limited experience with assaults, but I think the only thing annoying about the new assaulting rules is that everybody has mixed wargear now (since not all power weapons are the same anymore).

What really killed us this game was the rules on holding objectives. Somehow I got it in my head that the cultists would be able to move from the battlements to the interior of the bastion during the end turns to claim the objective (which was my wife's plan), but upon learning that units embarked in buildings cannot hold objectives she had to change plans. The turn of movement lost by going through the building was enough to be a serious disadvantage. That leads me into my second observation:

Dark Vengeance Balance-  While the forces in the set are supposed to be fairly balanced, I did not find this to be the case in reality. I guess the logic is that Chaos has a Hellbrute, where DA have no vehicles. When it comes down to it though, the Hellbrute is not all that heavily armored, and now Space Marines have more tools than ever for effectively taking down vehicles. Add to that the weak troop choice that are cultists (watered-down conscripts with no orders), the Chaos side leaves something to be desired. They get absolutely butchered in the shooting phase. It also seems like the DA list is custom-tailored to kill the marines. Plasmaguns, Plasma Pistols, AP3 Power weapons... Power Fists that can instant-kill the lord, the list goes on. This DA force is a mean, lean, green MEQ- killing machine. The Chaos list has very little to deal with units like Terminators. The cultists possibly could force them to miss some saves with volume of fire, but the cultists rarely can get that close where that is viable. It seems like the entire list hinges on the Hellbrute's durability, but with this much plasma (as well as grenades, powerfists, etc) it isn't really all that durable. Furthermore, one slow walker is pretty easy to just plain out avoid if you don't want to deal with it. It doesn't have lethal weaponry outside of assault range.

These are just my experiences from 2 short games, so feel free to add input!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! What are your opinions on Dark Vengeance, 6th Edition, or anything else 40K?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back with a Vengeance

I'm gonna pretend like I never left, OK? So here's some pictures of stuff I have been working on lately:
A reason to play again!

Squad of Plague Marines I've been kitbashing, WIP
Second Squad of Plague Marines, WIP

Nurgle Vindicator kitbash, WIP
Kitbashed Icon-bearer/Sorcerer

First model painted from Dark Vengeance: Angel of Penance test model.


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